Artwork ONE-OF-A-KIND: Artist Daniel Mayer's work is featured in the Terminal 4 PHX Sky Train Station. Photo by Craig Smith

Artwork Daniel Mayer
Trace Elements, 2013
Two 115 x 9’ stained-glass murals
PHX Sky Train Terminal 4 Pedestrian Bridges
Fabricator: Franz Mayer of Munich

Daniel Mayer, a book artist and master printer, was inspired by the intricate beauty of Arizona leaves for the design of his two large-scale glass murals. Integrated into the design and construction of the pedestrian bridges, each mural consists of 28 individual laminated glass panels. Mayer designed the murals in a rhythmic book-page sequence. He made the leaf images by pressing real leaves into aluminum foil with an etching press, then inking the image to bring out the embossed lines and details. He used a digital program to enlarge the “leaf prints” to the size of the murals. The digital images were screen-printed and their backgrounds hand-painted onto the glass panels with kiln-fired ceramic glazes.

Public Art project was commissioned by the Phoenix Office of Arts and Culture Public Art Program with Aviation percent for art funds.